Da Capo is shining and won’t be compared to Black Coffee

Da Capo

While Da Capo may be the underdog in the DJ world‚ there’s no denying that he’s a star in his own right. Oh‚ and he’s totes over that Black Coffee comparison because “that man is his brother!”

The reserved DJ from Limpopo said he considered himself more than blessed to work alongside a musical living legend and he would not let people that try to compare them take away his joy.

“I worked hard to get where I am and I also recognised how hard Black Coffee has had to work to get where he is. It’s his time to shine at the scale that he’s currently shining and my time will come as well. It’s unfair for people to want to compare us. We are different and so are our timelines.”

The DJ‚ who was signed under Coffee’s label over two years ago‚ felt he needed to clear the air once and for all after there were reports in 2017 that the pair’s relationship was rocky because Black Coffee was “trying to dim” Da Capo’s light.

The journey has just begun.?????

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Da Capo explained that working with Black Coffee was an experience he wouldn’t trade for anything.

“Being part of Soulistic was a great path on my end because‚ honestly‚ I have found a person I can share ideas with. So I tell people all the time‚ we all have different paths to walk before we get to a place where we are shining like Black Coffee. In my path‚ I have had remarkable growth and I’m winning.”

The self-taught DJ and producer said he’s always known he was born with the gift of music for a reason and when his parents died in his teens‚ he knew music would save him and his family.

He dropped out of tertiary school where he was studying media and communication when he got a chance to blow up.

“I have so much joy from knowing that I am able to help care for my siblings. I believe God knew how he broke me when he took my parents and he’s been rebuilding me ever since.”

At the moment his latest offering‚ Indigo Child‚ has been receiving global acclaim and has opened even more doors for the Limpopo-born artist.

In his upcoming plans the DJ mentions a Europe tour‚ cool collaborations and working more closely with Black Coffee behind the scenes.

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