Meet Lerato Mashala, the Miss Eagle South Africa contestant

Lerato Mashala - MESA

Lerato Mashala was born and raised in Tembisa. She is a second born from a family of three children. She is currently doing a Learnership in Interactive Media Design at the Business School of South Africa, based in Centurion.

Like any other child out there, Lerato wants to study nursing once she’s done with her current course. Her journey of being a beauty pageant started in 2016 when she entered Miss Valentine Sandton Technical College where she was studying Public Relations. Her confidence and boldness is what led her to enter the beauty pageant. There were other girls there who were really beautiful and had perfect bodies but she was not intimidated because she chose not to focus on the other girls. The focus was really on her and what she could bring out from within. The potential she posses, the skills and what she can deliver to the judges and audience.

Lerato Mashala was crowned the winner. She won because she did not compare herself with anyone who was part of the competition.

“I just had to let my light shine. I was really happy when I was walking on the stage with my million dollar smile and walk. In the same year, I decided to enter Miss Jozi. I was so excited, too confident and nothing could take me down. I knew that I will win again; that’s the kind of mind-set I had but I forgot to apply the simple principle which i applied when i won my first crown. That principle was to look on ME and not compare myself with anyone. I forgot to focus on my race and deliver my skills to the judges and audience. Once you compare yourself with other girls you will be intimidated and lose focus. I did not apply that principle.”

“I started to look at other girls because they were beautiful and had perfect bodies. With that kind of intimidation came fear into my heart. I did not enjoy myself. That was the sign of defeat. I recognized others more than myself. I was smiling but u know when u smile but u not happy it shows that was not a really a nice experience. My advice to those aspiring to be beauty pageants, modeling has scarred many girls who did not make it and that destroyed their confidence. I believe that success in modeling is dependent on the attitude of never giving up and believing in yourself. If you fall, you can choose to stay down, or to get up.”

“You are fierce and beautiful. Failure cannot put you down. Get up! I have personally learnt to pursue my dreams, because dreams without goals are just dreams. As my favourite saying goes, “success is 10% raw talent and 90% hard work.” All you need is the basic foundation and the rest is perseverance, hard work, self-belief and practice.” She Said.

Lerato Mashala also explained the reason why she entered Miss Eagle South Africa after not making it in Miss Jozi.

“The responsibilities of being Miss Eagle South Africa (“MESA”) require someone who is outgoing, confident and purpose driven. I believe that my past failures and successes make me a preferred candidate in representing MESA. It will expose me to so many opportunities and I will grow from all these experiences. The MESA contest is a display of courage and strength. I am in the race of winning Miss Eagle South Africa 2018. I am ready for big things now. My strongest qualities as a model is that i am 1,79m tall, i am gracious and beautiful, a quick thinker, opinionated, elegant and stylish. I am able to communicate and relate to people from all walks of life.”

“What I love about Miss Eagle SA is because it has changed my life and given me many opportunities that led to the build-up of my accomplishments. MESA has given me the ability to be out of my comfort zone and try new things. Today, I am a coach of wiser ball team. The ball team comprises of ten primary school children. Aside from my responsibilities as a coach, I have taught the children discipline. I coach team Dunamis and Lambano. When you have potential, people are able to spot and trust you to do bigger things. Most of all I thank the MESA TEAM. They are the ones who have trained me to think big and have brought out all my creativity. They have given me an opportunity to take part in media engagements, community work, and public events. Dream Big. Do big things!”

“Modeling is great and I love it but I want more. I want to make a name for myself, I am very confident about life. I have a good head on my shoulders and I have big plans for and I believe the MESA programme is an enabling platform for people with bigger plans. Life is a journey and in the journey, all i do is focus on my personal race. If some people in your life succeeded before you, it does not mean you will not be successful; you will be successful too and I am confident that I am a success. Success is about relationship building. I will end by saying you can be anything you Want, you just have to want it enough. The future is yours!” Lerato Mashala concludes.

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Lerato Mashala - Miss Eagle South Africa
Lerato Mashala – Miss Eagle South Africa

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