Dance to the beat of Ngamla Kabelo

Ngamla Kabelo

Ngamla Kabelo is one of the youngest producers/artists who are making waves in the South African entertainment business. He was born in the Free State Province (South Africa) and grew up in Deneysville.

His love for music started in the early age of 9 and formally started his music career in 2004 at the age of 11. He was the youngest rapper in the ‘50Niggas’ crew. In 2006, he left the crew and formed a new group called Underground Venack Killers (UVK) with his friends. In 2008, he joined a group called ‘G-Force’ that was formed by Havocalist. Due to distance, he then had to leave the group and started to produce his own music.

2009 marked the birth of Ngamla Kabelo as a solo artist; he released a house single titled “Omama” featuring Seaun Mthembu who is also known as Panama. The sound on the track “Omama” influenced the direction of his House and Hip Hop production. In 2015, due to his hard work, Ngamla Kabelo joined a local radio station – ‘Karabo FM’ in Sasolburg as a presenter. At ‘Karabo FM’, he is hosting a show called ‘Ziwa More’ every Saturday 02am – 06am.

He then released his first album in 2016 titled Émaweni’, this album was huge, it helped to build his huge fan base in the Free Sate and Vaal; and it opened doors for local radio interviews at local stations such as Qwaqwa Radio, Sedibeng FM, Lekoa FM, VUT FM and Naledi FM among others. The same year, Ngamla Kabelo released a follow up single ‘Kapa O Ngwana Nah’ featuring Panama, this song was also big judging from both radio and fans’ response to date.

In 2017, Ngamla Kabelo started to work with known artists and groups such as Uni-Boyz SA, Xoli Devine, Dj Timer, Bukza Musiq, Jay Tomson (Ghana) and Rhuthes MA on his unreleased album titled ‘Stick To Your Dreams’. Today we can confirm that Ngamla Kabelo is working on new material for his third studio album titled “Infinity”, he believes that this album is taking him to another level in the music industry.

Ngamla Kabelo is an unsigned and is energetic; he is open for any collaboration with other artists.

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