Tzaneen born artist, Van Tee Tonder dropped video for the song ‘Phezu Kwe Bonnet’

Van Tee Tonder, Andzani Arthur Bvuma, Phezu Kwe Bonnet Song

Andzani Arthur Bvuma, better known by his stage name, Van Tee Tonder just dropped the music video for his Gqom single ‘Phezu Kwe Bonnet’.

It is no exaggeration to suggest that South Africa is a nation very familiar with the groove and we have our native dance music to prove that. While the Gqom genre is originally from KZN, music is not limited by provincial boundaries. This is illustrated by Van Tee Tonder’s banger, Phezu Kwe Bonnet featuring Asah George from the Eastern Cape and Bobby Grease from KwaZulu-Natal.

Van Tee Tonder has always had an ambition for the spotlight. The entertainment industry would proof most fruitful for the Limpopo bred musician. Nkowankowa in Tzaneen is like many townships across the country where young kids have big dreams. Van Tee Tonder’s music video is testament to the utopia where things are fully equal. Where dreams come true and an ideal life is lived.

‘Phezu Kwe Bonnet’ is a banger that is guaranteed to set dance floors alight this December. This may be the song to prove that Van Tee Tonder is quietly making an impact in the industry. The song combines thumping instrumentation, Asah George’s sultry voice and Bobby Grease’s Kwaito era sound. In all honesty, we can safely say that there isn’t a Gqom track as captivating as ‘Phezu Kwe Bonnet’ at the moment.

The music video features a mansion, lots of liquor and beautiful women having a great time. If there ever was a music video which helps count down the days to our ideal summer holidays, this is the one.

‘Phezu Kwe Bonnet’  is available on all major digital platforms.

Watch the music video below:

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