Making a difference with Imperfect Moms Foundation

Making a difference with Imperfect Moms Foundation

Meet a group of young mothers who started an organization to support young moms in their communities. This project began in 2017 as a platform where moms could vent, ask and give advice; sharing their greatest joys and deepest fears that come with motherhood.

Imperfect Mom’s foundation was founded by Onthatile Modise and Ipeleng Mathiba in 2016/17. The initiative of IMF is to give young mothers strength, motivating them, encouraging mothers to be independent financially and individually. IMF is an organisation that works on helping young mothers to become good, strong mothers. In the society we live in, we are faced with the reality that young mothers have to juggle school, work and parenting attentively.

IMF is a platform that was created to build each other emotionally, mentally and physically. Ensuring that young mothers are aware of the fact that they are not alone in the events of motherhood struggles. Initially IMF was formed to be a support group for young mothers from all walks of life, growing into an organisation that reaches out to facilities that take care of children for their needs and what is lacking for those facilities to be operational.

Imperfect Moms Foundation’s initiative is to bring about change in a society where women are divided and abused. They aim to empower women using concepts such as Photoshoots and events in spaces that are intimate allowing them to unite as women and mothers to better the future for their children. Imperfect Moms Foundation doesn’t want children growing in a broken society as the parents did. They give emotional support; help with confidence as well as dealing with mental health issues and skills development.

Imperfect Moms Foundation is currently working on their project with Tumelo Entle Mother Care Centre based in Norkem Park. The facility is currently in need of 8 cots, blankets, diapers, baby food and cleaning products for it to be fully operational. Under the same management there is another facility in Tembisa that needs funding for it to be an operating shelter for children whose parents are unable to care of them but also allowing access to the parents whenever they want to see their kids.

Imperfect Moms Foundation is also working on workshop ideas to have moms develop skills of which their interests lay based on what they will be offering. IMF is also doing something fun! They are having monthly Photoshoots in different locations, where moms are embracing their post pregnancy bodies for R250 PP including a make-up artist and pictures sent to them.

You can contact Imperfect Moms Foundation for more details about their projects here:

The address:
Du Plesis street
Norkem Park

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