The whole Vatsonga clans

The whole Vatsonga clans

The Vatsonga people are a bunch of clans that share a typical heritage in Southern Africa and are united by language as defined within the Constitution of African nation. Their grouping is analogous to the Vhavenda those that also are formed by a group of tribes with distinct origins who came to be united through the South African Venda language.

The designations of Tsonga clans consistent with geographic location were primarily wont to identify the variations in dialect when the Vatsonga people‟s social life was being studied within the 1900s (Junod 1912); however many clans take their name from an ancestor.

The Vatsonga people in southern Africa identify with the subsequent groups or clan names:
• VaBila
• VaDzonga
• VaHlanganu
• VaHlave
• VaHlengwe
• VaKhosa
• VaLambya
• VaLoyi
• VaN‟wanati
• VaNdzawu
• VaNkomati
• VaNkuna

• VaRhonga
• VaShangane
• VaTembe
• VaTswa
• VaXika
• VaXingwedzi

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