Advertise with BGMP Media Group, South Africa’s only independent, integrated free thinking platform. BGMP Media Group speaks to an ever-inflating audience of diverse, young creative South Africans. If you have to put the BGMP Media Group audience in a box and profile them, you’d find a racially diverse group of ingenious, intelligent South African males and females, aged anywhere between 18 and 50, LSM 6-10, residing in Urban and Rural areas with access to the internet via cellphones, desktops and laptops and hungry for fresh, unrestricted perspectives on the South African experience.

BGMP Media Group‘s value proposition is that we always give something away for FREE. So advertisers are not just people who buy branded space on our site, they contribute to the FREEculture by offering a monthly giveaway of their products. Each advertisement is a call to action. This allows you, the advertiser, to track the response of your advertising on the BGMP Media GroupContent Platform and to develop a direct marketing channel with our audience. BGMP Media Group offers absolute accountability and affordability in advertising.

Advertising has long been the lifeblood of commercial industry growth. Advertising campaigns have shaped popular culture, and launched brands into the public eye. The greatest campaigns are remembered long after they’ve completed their run.

To grow your brand, you need effective advertising. To simply run ads isn’t enough; you need to craft campaigns that speak directly to your target audience, campaigns that excite and activate them.

Crafting campaigns like these is what we do at BGMP Media Group. Our mission is to help our brands leverage advertising campaigns to build brand awareness and drive product demand. Whether you’re an established brand or a new market contender, our team can help you build through effective advertising.

To date, we’ve helped dozens of clients create and deploy digital campaigns across a variety of advertising mediums, including:

  • Printed Media
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  • Display Networks
  • Social Media

When it comes to building your brand through advertising, there’s no question of whether you should choose to partner with BGMP Media Group.