The soulful voice of Paul B is a gift to the South African Music Industry

House music has over the years evolved from just being about the beat to possessing a heavier lyrical content. R&B Soul singers have now found a way to attract regular clubs without isolating their core fans. Newcomer Soul singer Paul B is loaded with vocal capabilities which saw him work on a successful project with House Music great – Dj Tokzen.


Paul B Klaas was born Lukhanyo Klaas in 1990, 25th of November in a small town called Keiskammahoek, Eastern Cape. His parents Felicia Klaas and Sihle Mabo met while in high school and conceived him. From an early age, he stayed with his mother, grandmother and aunt. Paul B attended school at Sivuyile Primary until the age of 11, then he moved to Johannesburg. In 2002, he moved to Tembisa to stay with his father and extended family. His father had other children which they all lived together with his grandmother. While in Tembisa, he continued with his journey at Mthambeka Primary School until 2005. In 2006, he went to Jiyane High School where he matriculated in 2010. He took a break from studying further while busy weighing options about what he can pursue in these current economic conditions. Then In 2012, he attended MSC Business College, he was studying towards a Diploma in Marketing Management.


Paul B’s musical journey started in high school when he met a friend who introduced him to music production programs such as Fruityloops, Reason & Cubase. While he was still young, his father was a music lover, and he constantly bought cassettes of the latest releases in the market. During this time, Paul B got exposed to Soul music and would sometimes take his father’s records to play them when he was alone. It wasn’t until high school that he developed a deeper interest in making records. Paul B has always been keen on Soul music since he grew up listening to his fathers records that included the likes of Dobie Grey, Tracy Chapman, Michael Bolton, Bryan Adams, Phill Collins, Ray Charles etc. His biggest influence was Michael Jackson, there was a neighbor who used to play the dangerous album, and Paul B would always go and visit the guy just listen to the album. From there on, his interest in music grew and would later download Michael Jacksons songs to play on his own space.

When he started out, he was a rapper way back then while rap was a big thing. Him and a friend formed a group called HD Squad, this was a Hip-Hop group with 3 members – Thabo Dlamini, Skhumbuzo Mdhluli and Paul B. They went on to perform in different venues around Tembisa. The group later expanded to other genres that included Soul and House music. Paul B made his first House record called “losing my mind” with Dj Theo, the song went on to have a remix from the Limpopo born Metro FM award winning producer – Chymamusique. The song never got that big as all the parties involved were still new into the Industry, it was only known by few people around their townships. However; this never stopped them from progressing with their careers because today they are well known from Cape to Cairo. Paul B then went on to work with another Limpopo born producer called Dj Tears PLK, they worked together on a song called “I want to know”. Due to the quality of the song, it got to the hands of the executives of South Africa’s biggest House Music label – House Afrika and it was featured on House Afrika Sessions 5. Later that year, the album went on to win a Metro FM award for best compilation. A year after that, he worked with Dj Sonic, a producer from Soweto, they made few songs including the song “rain man” which they were featured by the legendary Dj Tokzen of the Mmthis’ Selections fame. The song was huge, hence it was playlisted on all major radio stations in South Africa and music video channels, including Club 808 on eTV, Live Amp on SABC 1, MTV, Trace and Channel O amongst others. He has also worked with BGMP Records producer/deejay by the name of MellowMusiQue on two singles which are currently making waves in South Africa and the US, the songs are available on Traxsource – Mountains & Someday.

Working with greats like Dj Tokzen, Dj Sonic, Chymamusique, Dj Tears PLK, Dj Beatz & MellowMusiQue has however not gone to his head; he knows that hard work is the most important tool for success.

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